Hindu Refugees

The state of Hindus in Pakistan is dire, is possibly an understatement. Hindu Survivors of extreme religious persecution in Pakistan are fleeing in large numbers and seeking refuge in India. Unfortunately, the facilities in these refugee camps in India don’t allow for a decent life either. Often these camps are run without any government aid, as such they are forced to live in shanties next to garbage dumps where they take up small jobs in nearby areas if things go well. Ishwar Sewa is working with one such refugee camp located in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, where we are working on improving the living situation of these refugees by providing them with starter kits on arrival, basic amenities, and nutritious breakfast for kids. Join us in our fight for these people who had to leave their home behind, for no fault of their own.

Nutrition for Kids

Malnourishment is a major problem in India, especially in underprivileged Hindu communities, due to lack of financial resources. According to several studies, a malnourished child can make full recovery if he is given a full nourishing breakfast. For the past year, Ishwar Sewa has taken up the work of serving a healthy sumptuous breakfast to nearly a 100 kids from underprivileged backgrounds new villages of Bardoli, Gujarat.