Shri Kamlesh Tiwari Had Right to Life


Ishwar Sewa Foundation (ISF) denounces the brutal murder of Kamlesh Tiwari. Shri Tiwari was jailed in 2015 under India's draconian laws which curb freedom of speech. Shri Tiwari's murder is also about the right to life of every individual no matter how staunchly we might disagree with that individual's point of view. Shri Tiwari murder is unfortunately not an isolated event; it is one of many where Islamists eliminate Hindu activists for non-lethal provocations. 

The lack of organized Hindu stand and the justification or silence of the liberal intelligentsia has left the Hindu Human Rights activists on their own to defend themselves.  The killing of Kamlesh Tiwari is an issue that should unite every Indian and Hindu no matter what the political leanings. Instead what we have seen from the left media is victim-blaming. Shri Tiwari has been called "fringe," and "saffron-leader," by the media and to top it all, the police leadership of Uttar Pradesh has claimed that it was Sri Tiwari’s speech that ‘radicalized’ (sic) the murderer.  Interestingly but not surprisingly, there was hardly any condemnation of the Imam who had issued a fatwa against Shri Tiwari or the politicians who supported him.  

ISF urges Uttar Pradesh government to swiftly deliver justice, and urges it to provide compensation to Shri Tiwari's family.  ISF also requests the Honorable Supreme Court of India to set-up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to swiftly investigate murders of Hindu activists across India.  

Last but not least, ISF calls upon Hindus around the world, to set-up an insurance fund for Hindus  who are a victim of such violence and hate-crimes. Such a fund will help families of deceased Hindus , and provide legal help to bring culprits to justice.   ISF is currently working on a long term solution for the victim of such violence; we will launch this project in April 2020.  

Ishwar Sewa Foundation is a 501c3 organization which seeks to provide comprehensive relief and sustainable livelihood to displaced, marginalized Hindus who are victims of violence, religious persecution, or social injustice. For more information you can reach us at